ACLEDA was established in 1993 in Cambodia as a non-governmental organization for the development and financing of micro, small and medium enterprises. Gradually evolving into a micro finance institution and, most recently, into a commercial bank, ACLEDA today provides full banking services and is the largest bank in Cambodia. ACLEDA has a special focus on lending and other financial services to micro, small and medium sized enterprises as well as retail consumers.

Funding Objective

DEG is providing a subordinated loan to strengthen ACLEDA’s Tier 2 capital and to support ACLEDA’s lending program to local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as well as women-owned MSMEs in Cambodia.

Reasons for financing

The financial sector in Cambodia is still underdeveloped. Access to finance is insufficient, especially in rural areas of the country. DEG’s loan will enable ACLEDA to increase access to finance for SMEs and women-owned SMEs in Cambodia. Moreover, ACLEDA’s digitalization strategy will contribute to improving quality of financial services by broadening access to digital financial products and improving banking services delivery via digital channels.

The project provides additional subordinated loan to ACLEDA to diversify its capital structure and finance its lending operations with focus on SMEs and women-owned SMEs.

The project contributes to DEG’s strategy of supporting SMEs in underserved markets.

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