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DEG believes that transparent information about its work and financing help fulfil its specific mandate as a development finance institution. That is why DEG regularly reviews and updates its disclosure policy.
On this website, you can easily find information on DEG’s new commitments for which DEG’s own funds have been used. Since 2020 DEG has provided investment-related information on this website for a duration of five years. The investment-related information is published once the contract has been entered into with the customer, provided the customer has given consent. The majority of our customers (93%) agree to disclose this information. Please note that the investment-related information is a summary of what was agreed on when concluding the contract.
If you would like to learn more about the respective policy and procedures, please do have a look at DEG’s disclosure policy.

Here you can find information on our new commitments at a glance. The information is published here once the contract has been signed with the customer and provided the customer has given consent. This works well: In the last two years we have published information on 90 percent of our commitments.